BETWAY SA20 Playing Conditions Announcement

After the toss, teams can decide on their starting lineup.

January 9th, Monday: The exciting changes to Betway SA20’s playing format have been confirmed for the inaugural season, which begins on January 10. The six teams will play a total of 33 games, including three playoff games that include two semifinal matches and the championship game.

The modifications were made in order to raise the product’s calibre while maintaining the game’s integrity.

Each captain may choose 13 men to take the field before the throw in a novel move to level the playing field. Following the toss, each captain can choose their final starting XI, with the remaining players becoming substitutes.

Teams will be rewarded for putting on strong performances with four points for a win and an additional point for a bonus victory. The team that achieves a run rate that is 1.25 times higher than the opposition will receive the additional point. In the event of a tie, each side will earn two points, with the losing team receiving none.

The following guidelines have also been modified:

  • Without the use of suspensions, fielding limits will be used to penalise captains during games for slow over-rates.
  • The free-hit rule has been modified so that if the ball ricochets off the stumps during a bowled dismissal, no byes can result.
  • Fielding that is aggressive and positive will be favored. If a direct hit deflects off the stumps, no runs may be added to an intentional effort to run out the hitter.
  • In each inning, there will be two 2 minute 30 second long strategic timeouts. The sides can regroup tactically during the timeouts.

There will be six powerplay overs, with just two fielders permitted outside the 30-yard circle.

If two teams finish with an equal number of points, the following criteria will be used to determine which team advances to the final and which team plays in the play-off:

  • the group with the most victories;
  • If there is a tie, the team with the most bonus points;
  • The team with the highest net run rate, if the scores are still tied;
  • If the score is still tied, the team with the most victories against the other team(s) with the same number of victories and points;
  • If the scores are still tied, the group with the best runs-to-wickets ratio throughout the competition;
  • If there is a tie, the side with the highest wickets-to-runs ratio during the course of the competition.

Run rate is not relevant in a game that has been ruled a No Result.

The team that finished first in the group stages will face the team that came in fourth in the first semi-final. The second semi-final will feature the second- and third-placed teams, respectively. The final will be contested by the winners of the two semi-finals.

About SA20 League 2023

SA20 is a hot new T20 cricket league in South Africa. The League, which debuts on January 10th 2023, is anticipated to excite both domestic and foreign cricket fans as well as draw in new audiences of all ages.

SA20 is for ardent cricket fans, partygoers, and families. It consists of 4 weeks, 33 matches, 6 international franchises, and 102 world-class players (local and international). For all of us!

Some of the most well-known T20 franchises in the world support SA20, and some IPL powerhouses are expanding to have an even bigger international impact. The franchises are owned by six energizing organizations that have committed to a minimum 10-year investment that will support South African cricket, the players, and upcoming cricketers in the pipeline.

Six privately owned clubs compete in the League, and before to the semifinals and championship game, they will face off against one another twice (at home and away). 33 games will be played in total at some of the best venues South Africa has to offer, including

Durban’s Super Giants (Kingsmead), Joburg Super Kings (Wanderers), MI Cape Town (Newlands), Paarl Royals (Boland Park), Pretoria Capitals (SuperSport Park) and Sunrisers Eastern Cape (St George’s Park).

During the R125 million player auction, the six teams decided on their final 17-person rosters. Since each team is permitted to field up to four foreign players during a game, there are plenty of chances for native Proteas stars and up-and-coming local talent to stand out while competing against the best in the world.