33 games will be shown for the first time on Sky Sports Cricket networks.

Wednesday, January 2: A new five-year rights agreement between Betway SA20 and Sky Sports was revealed today, adding South Africa’s top T20 cricket league to their cricket lineup.

The SA20 is welcomed to Sky Sports as a new premier event on the international T20 cricket calendar, providing access for both present and new cricket fans as well as a younger generation to see some of the greatest players perform on the international stage.

“We’re thrilled to extend the coverage of Betway SA20 to Sky Sports’ huge fan base,” Betway SA20 League Commissioner Graeme Smith stated. Prior to our launch on January 10, this historic agreement will expand our global presence.

For the first time, six international franchises, thirty-three matches over four weeks, and 102 world-class athletes, including members of the England World Cup-winning team like captain Jos Buttler and the current most expensive IPL player Sam Curran, will be broadcast on Sky Sports Cricket channels.

We are happy to add the SA20 to our portfolio of cricket rights, adds Sky Sports Director of Cricket Bryan Henderson. We anticipate a fantastic competition with some of the top English speakers.

Six privately owned teams compete in the League, and their two matches against one another in a round-robin stage before the semi-finals and final will be shown live on Sky Sports. Some of the most well-known T20 franchises in the world support Betway SA20, with some IPL powerhouses expanding to create an even bigger global reach.

The three men’s ODIs that England will play in South Africa on January 27 and 29, as well as February 1, will also be aired on Sky Sports.

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