Superstars of Cricket World are queued up for South Africa T20 League

The six teams in South Africa’s premier T20 League will have access to a global pool of some of the best national and international cricketers when it comes time to sign new players. Up to five players may be pre-signed by franchises before the auction.

The League has already signed around 30 notable foreign athletes, and as more players sign contracts as the upcoming auction approaches, the number is expected to rise. Moreover, every national and Proteas player presently under the agreement has also pledged to the League. With a roster of 17, the six teams will be allowed to pre-sign up to five players, including three international players, one Proteas player, and one uncapped South African player, before the season even kicks off.

This is an important milestone for the League

League Commissioner, Graeme Smith

“This is an important milestone for the league, League Commissioner, Graeme Smith commented. When leading South African players stand up against some of the finest cricketers in the world, it produces exceptional cricket. I am excited about the emerging and future cricket talent in our country. They will have the opportunity to socialize with seasoned and gifted athletes, which will undoubtedly motivate them and help them to step up their own game.

The League’s top aim, according to Smith, is to develop our domestic cricket organizations while putting on a thrilling and engaging cricketing spectacle. “Everyone is prepared to begin, and our player regulations have been carefully drafted in cooperation with the franchises. How the teams will contest and how the organizations will put their teams together are things that fascinate us.

Players are now being signed up for the 2023 season and beyond from a variety of nations that have shown a desire to be a part of the League.

We are delighted with the interest from the player community and are onboarding players with the support from the cricket boards. I’m looking forward to welcoming players from all regions across the cricketing world

League Commissioner, Graeme Smith ended by saying this.