Teams may sign foreign or South African players.

The Player’s base wage will be R175,000, with the team’s discretion over the salary cap.

Monday, November 21: The six SA20 franchise teams will have the ability to add a wild card player to their rosters before the inaugural season, which begins on January 10, in an intriguing new development. Teams have until December 30 to choose their players, and they are allowed to sign South Africans or players from other countries who did not register for the auction.

The playing roster will increase from 17 to 18 players, and franchises will exercise their discretion in selecting the caliber of players to enhance their teams. A player’s entry fee must be at least R175 000. League Commissioner Graeme Smith stated that “the wild card affords our teams the option to add another international talent to their squad.”

There is a limit of eight foreign players per squad, and there can only ever be four foreign players on the field at once during the game. Following the auction, the wage cap for the Franchise will continue to be exempt from the wild card player’s cost.

The cricket community expressed a lot of interest in our League during the auction, and Smith concluded, “I do not doubt that six excellent cricketers will join the SA20.”